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A Java database driver for reading comma-separated-value files

Building From Source

To checkout and build the latest source code from the CsvJdbc git repository, use the following commands (git and Maven must first be installed).

cd $HOME
mkdir workspace1
cd workspace1
git clone git:// csvjdbc
cd csvjdbc
mvn install
cd target
dir csvjdbc*.jar

Working With Eclipse

  1. Start Eclipse with workspace workspace1
  2. Install the JavaCC Eclipse Plug-in from the Help -> Eclipse Marketplace… menu option
  3. Create a new project named csvjdbc using menu option File -> New -> Java Project
  4. Open src/main/javacc/org/relique/jdbc/csv/where.jj in the Eclipse Editor and then select menu option JavaCC -> Compile with javacc

Maven Project Usage

CsvJdbc is available at Maven Central. To include CsvJdbc in a Maven project, add the following lines to the pom.xml file.




A change to CsvJdbc must first be entered as a Bug or Feature Request before starting development. The change will then be accepted or not accepted by a CsvJdbc administrator.

Completed changes must be provided as a git pull request and include a unit test to test the changed functionality.

Label easy is used to identify existing Easy Bugs and Easy Feature Requests that are suitable for new developers.

Updated: 6 January 2016

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